Worship at First Congregational Church
United Church of Christ

We are a diverse Christian community including people of all ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and religious backgrounds.

At First Congregational Church we are families and family, having lots of fun doing God's work in our neighborhood, community and world.

Worship is warm, welcoming and  generally reflects the pattern of the Reformed Protestant tradition. Traditional and contemporary styles are creatively blended. There is a message for the children every Sunday as well as an opportunity to share individual prayer concerns and the special ways that God has blessed us. Lay participation is encouraged in every aspect of worship including music, corporate and responsive prayer, Scripture reading, and upon occasion, preaching.

Sermons are based on the Old and New Testament scriptures.  They seek to interpret contemporary events and address modern life concerns in the light of the biblical revelation. The proclamation of God's love for all people and all creation is at the heart of all that we are and do at First Church.

The music program has many aspects.  Beginning with an excellent adult choir, there is also a children’s choir, youth choir, and bell choir.  Choral Cantatas are produced for Christmas and Easter.  A beautiful pipe organ leads the instrumental accompaniment which is variously interspersed with piano, trumpet, flute, and violin played by different members.  Professional musicians are also periodically engaged.

We believe that worship is a gathering time for the entire church family and hence there is one Sunday morning worship hour beginning at 10:00 o’clock.

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